About Us

Comfortable Pet Inc. is a leading global supplier of pet beds that offers value, service, and performance. Our goal is to offer our customers quality products at promotional retails. We are able to accomplish this by offering our customers direct factory pricing. Our pet beds use environmentally friendly recycled poly-filled fibers. We offer new and exciting fabrics and styles, and we give our customers quality service and unmatched product performance.

Comfortable Pet Inc. is the USA division of our China factory, Pujiang Fairy Home Textile LTD. Our factory is vertically integrated with the ability to produce 200,000 pet beds per month, and employ our own factory staff, office workers, and designers.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. For handling customer orders quickly, we have a distribution center in Los Angeles, CA, or our customers can purchase direct from our factory in Shanghai, China.

Comfortable Pet Beds offers high quality at affordable pricing to give our customers a true value. Our product features include:

– Lock-Stitched Seams

– Durable woven covers that resist tears

– Overstuffed walls and cushions that provide support and comfort

– 100% recycled poly-fill

Our dedicated design team has developed new and fashion forward styles, using the latest trends in fabrics and textures, along with innovative styling to produce unique pet beds that look great for any room in the house.